Tuesday, 17 February 2009

WOW ! .. what a brilliant few days I've had ! ... Since my last post on here I have been on quite a creative journey lol :D
We went to the NEC on Sunday for the Trade show & the pages of the book which I previously posted were to take with me all completed to show a rep who was interested in me becoming a Ranger Demonstrator (How exciting is that ? ... well not as exciting as the next bit of my story !) Anyway we couldn't get to see our rep early on in the day so we mooched around the show enjoying the different demo's etc ..when we happened to come across the one & only SIR TIM !!!
He was demonstrating & it was Fantastic ! .. Being the crafty nerd that I am .. I asked Tim if he would sign my book (that being the only thing I had with me ..apart from a used tissue .. no choice then really lol) ... & he said yes of course & he asked if he could look at my book ... erm like YES ! :) ... he commented on the techniques & products of each & every page & get this ... He asked me how I did a certain technique as he hadn't seen his inks used in that way before !!!!!! WOW what a compliment ... I was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the show .. & I am going to be a Ranger Demonstrator .. How cool is that !!!

& then yesterday was my birthday & I've been given so many lovely stash goodies & bits of equipment for my camera ..I need to get playing again lol ;D ..
Hope your all as happy & lucky xx


  1. Wow Anneliese what a fantastic weekend and meeting Sir Tim himself wow wow wow. you are just so talented. Well done you.

  2. wow, how exciting for you! congratulations :0)

  3. Wow...that IS exciting! Warning, though... if you ever go on QVC, be sure to elbow Dawn Bibby and the presenter out of the way. They completely overran poor Tim and Suze today! Horrific and embarrassing.

  4. Wow Anneliese what a fantastic weekend you had. I bet you couldn't believe you could teach Sir Tim something about his products. Welldone you!!!! T x

  5. Thanks For The Comment :)
    Yeh I Have Had A Deep Red Before Haha
    I Want a Change Now But I Dont Know What Lol...


  6. OMG how fantastic for you, congratulations, thats like my dream job demoing for ranger you lucky lucky thing :O)

  7. Congratulations, you certainly deserve that recognition Anneliese!


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