Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another couple of new workshops up online ...

Hello :o)
So two new workshops up online here
There is just soooo much going on behind the scenes here, & not a lot I can actually show you (not yet, anyways), I have redesigned my stamp sets, they needed a smidgeon of altering, they are just being readied for a new plate to be made, I'm mid way through a project for craft stamper (not allowed to show those on the blog) ... I'm also mid way through sorting out two workshops that I've been invited to do in Holland in May (will be going with Linda E ... is Holland ready for us ??) Once I have my new stamps I shall be busy making samples with them (and will share with you !) but I'm hoping that April (apart from all 3 kids being at home for half of it !) will be a little easier with more time for playing .. well I can dream lol :D
sorry it's short & sweet
speak soon

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

woyww / Mini Holtz Holiday weekend workshop now up !

Hello :o)
I've finally made it back to woyww .. after many weeks of absence, all I can say is there's lot's going on behind the scenes here & that there is a new workshop up online at Creative Journey Workshops (that's my new website that is still under construction) A mini Holtz Holiday ... a weekend of using Tim Holtz & Ranger products, creating Tags, learning techniques as you go & then creating a book to keep them all in ! ... you can find Workshops here
Now, what's on my desk today, well it's a bit of a mess getting, busy wth a workshop last saturday & now I've got another tomorrow so everythings a bit everywhere lol ... nevermind, I shall be popping out with my art journals shortly :o)
So there it is in all it's glory, if you want to share your desk, or just want to nosy round some more then go here

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Just this once, it's not about craft ....

It's Shrove Tuesday, and to most people it means that it's pancake day. Here in Ashbourne Derbyshire it means something else entirely ... it's an event that is bigger than Christmas it's Shrovetide Football. Take a couple of thousand people, 1 Leather ball filled woth cork & hand painted, 2 goals 3 miles apart & in the river & your almost there ...Your born either side of the river which means you are an uppard or a downard ..(Uppards are best :D ) and that's your two teams. Everyone turns out for it, it starts at 2pm and carries on through until 10 pm or until the ball is scored. (If it's scored before 5pm another ball is turned up)
So rather than crafting today, I've been busy checking camera battery is charged..check ...new camera memory card purchased..check, charge mobile phone ..check
New thermal socks lol ..check, and I'm just about ready to go. Of course there will be pancakes before we go, what a perfect day & then if that wasn't enough we go & do the same again tomorrow :D So to give you just a hint of what is to come here are a few pictures .. & if it captures your imagination you can listen anywhere in the world online to Ashbourne Radio's commentary. www.ashbourneradio.co.uk
This is the goal being scored at Sturston for the Uppards :D
This is a picture as the ball heads across the fields ...
And here you can see players trying to get the ball out of the river ... mmm nice steam !
Hope you enjoyed this not so crafty post, thanks for stopping by :o) x