Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Another couple of new workshops up online ...

Hello :o)
So two new workshops up online here
There is just soooo much going on behind the scenes here, & not a lot I can actually show you (not yet, anyways), I have redesigned my stamp sets, they needed a smidgeon of altering, they are just being readied for a new plate to be made, I'm mid way through a project for craft stamper (not allowed to show those on the blog) ... I'm also mid way through sorting out two workshops that I've been invited to do in Holland in May (will be going with Linda E ... is Holland ready for us ??) Once I have my new stamps I shall be busy making samples with them (and will share with you !) but I'm hoping that April (apart from all 3 kids being at home for half of it !) will be a little easier with more time for playing .. well I can dream lol :D
sorry it's short & sweet
speak soon

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  1. Not at all sure that Holland is ready for the two of you but I am sure you will have fun.


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