Friday, 30 July 2010

A trip to IKEA = a re-organisation of my space !

Well, I did say I was going to IKEA yesterday, & a good time was had by all. I got a few more bits and bobs for storage, so today I tidied, organised & even whizzed round the studio with the hoover ... yes really the hoover :o)
So in honour of my smart new space & bits of storage & the fact that I really want to play now, and infact have been doing here is the evidence :

The CJ page is not finished yet, I will post a finished picture tomorrow, it's busy drying at the moment :o)
Have a great weekend x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


It's that time of week again already, Last weeks scrapbooks for teachers were a success, in fact the letter one of them wrote me to thank me made me cry (again, but that's another story lol) ... needless to say it was an emotional week & I was glad to see it end !
Since last week I really haven't had time to do a thing, Monday & Tuesday were spent cleaning & tidying and sorting out the Boys bedroom, a job Loooong over due, 10 bin liners of just 'stuff' , and 8 storage boxes of unwanted toys later we can now see their floor, walk in one continuous line from the door to the far window (bedroom is 22 feet long to give you some size of scale) ... without any hops, skips or jumps to avoid things strewn haphazardly everywhere, no cursing because you've trodden on something, no near leg breaking as you slide along the floor on a discarded magazine, enough was enough & the dirty deed has been done, hence no playing for poor old me :o( ... Still today I am going to be decorating their room & then tomorrow we are heading off to IKEA I'm sure there will be some little treats hidden in that trip for me :o)
So here is my desk, not a lot happening except the Hearts CJ that I really NEED to get done for next Tuesday when I shall be giving it to the Host Bernice at my next workshop :o) If you have no idea why I'm sharing my desk with you then you need to visit the lovely Julia's page HERE
So I need to off & get on ! ... thanks for stopping by, will be visiting you all over the week ! take care x

Friday, 23 July 2010

Art Journalling ...

Well it's the day all 3 kids break up from school & after an emotional 'leavers' week I was ready for a break so today I took one, I went down to a local bistro 'the bridge' and spent 2 hours art journalling over coffee :o) ... it was SO restoring, and I loved working in there, perfect place to watch the world go by & journal .. WILL be doing that again !!
Here's what I got up to .. Hope you like what I did with your ink sprays Dyan (obviously this was pre-done at home lol :D) will add a link later for these but my hair colour really needs washing out now !

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Good morning :o)
Ok this is about as messy as I can bear to let my desk get, but as you see I have completed the 3 teachers leavers presents, the smaller two items are going to school today & the bigger scrapbook is going tomorrow ... so Jobs a good 'un !
So next job is to clear my desk to start prepping for the altered book workshop that we have in a couple of weeks time, unless I succumb to the pile of housework that has been calling my name ever since I got back from Ranger U, seems almost pointless with the kids breaking up on friday, but if I don't do it now it will be harder with them at home making more mess I suppose ... Hmmm maybe I'll do some house work & some playing .. there that sounds like a plan ! Have a good wednesday x (oh & if you wonder why I'm sharing my mess with you well here's where to find out more : HERE

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A few projects Old & New

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Gosh it's a week sgo already since my first Woyww, this week I've been busy trying to get an album done for a teacher who is leaving school after 17 years, she teaches my son a the moment & I came up with the idea & well it snowballed here we are 40 + photo's and 40 page sides later .. project nearly done, it's only taken a couple of days, just need to trim it up now & embellish & tab etc ... then there's one more smaller album to do for another leaver and a tryptich for another leaver ... oh the joys :D
Can't wait until there's time just to play ! Still then I suppose the kids will be broken up & all 3 will be up here with me ..yippee lol
Right I shall go & post this, If you've no idea what WOYWW is then visit Julia HERE and join in the fun, my blog hopping may have to wait until later as I've a busy day lined up, school run, dog walk, workshop prep for tomorrows creative card workshop, get Welly's for my DD, tidy ds'sx2 bedroom as it looks like something out of a ww2 bomb raid .. so I will be back as soon as I have some time and a cup of coffee in hand ..see you there x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday, Sunday ...

How naive can I get .. thought I'd have some quiet time in my studio whilst Rich & Cory were at Cricket Nets, No such luck lol .. Saskia & Brody have kept me company all morning ! But I have given them both an art journal to play in & this is what has been produced so far :
Brodys background on his first page : (he's 7 years old)

Then here are Saskia's 1st two pages .. more are rapidly following lol (And Sas is 13 years old)

And whilst they were doing that I was busy making cards ready for the workshop later this week ...(still a few places left I believe)
Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


So here I am .. my first WOYWW ,,,, thought it was about time I joined in ! you can see on my workdesk there is a pile of Altered Original Ink sprays, The Gorgeous DYAN from Art from the Heart sent me this lovely lovely pressie yesterday ... what a treat ! ..I'll post again later as soon as I've had a chance to play and show you what I got done !
If you don't know what woyww is then visit Julia HERE

I'm also in the middle of making a couple of pages in a CJ I'm involved in, this one's theme is Hearts.