Friday, 30 July 2010

A trip to IKEA = a re-organisation of my space !

Well, I did say I was going to IKEA yesterday, & a good time was had by all. I got a few more bits and bobs for storage, so today I tidied, organised & even whizzed round the studio with the hoover ... yes really the hoover :o)
So in honour of my smart new space & bits of storage & the fact that I really want to play now, and infact have been doing here is the evidence :

The CJ page is not finished yet, I will post a finished picture tomorrow, it's busy drying at the moment :o)
Have a great weekend x


  1. The hoover???

    Swearing on your blog hun...tsk tsk ROFL Loving the tidyness...erm... if you have a spare five mins you could come over and sort out the mess in my room for me LOL x

  2. Oh it all looks wondrously well organised - don't you just LOVE Ikea? That journal page is awesome - how did you do that delicious background??

  3. my goodness thats the tidiest desk i've seen in that you have all your yummy paints right to hand :0)

  4. Your space is looking very organised, loving the storage and the jars I can see. Great page too, love it. Tracy Evans x

  5. Oh My, I'm drooling over your workspace, so organised & lovely. I also can no longer stop myself, I'm ordering the Altered Original inks today, I've been wanting them since Dyan released them :D

  6. It's looking very good - love that shelf right above your workdesk!


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