Friday, 23 July 2010

Art Journalling ...

Well it's the day all 3 kids break up from school & after an emotional 'leavers' week I was ready for a break so today I took one, I went down to a local bistro 'the bridge' and spent 2 hours art journalling over coffee :o) ... it was SO restoring, and I loved working in there, perfect place to watch the world go by & journal .. WILL be doing that again !!
Here's what I got up to .. Hope you like what I did with your ink sprays Dyan (obviously this was pre-done at home lol :D) will add a link later for these but my hair colour really needs washing out now !


  1. My brain is so inspired when I see art journalling like this ....just need to tell my fingers lol ....really love this ...especially the cat one.

  2. Love these pages -- but even more intriguing was the idea of doing them at a cafe! What did the people around you think/say about them/you? Great stuff!

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm-agical. Inspirational. Delicious and so "Need-to-know-how-to-ical". Just when I thought I didn't need anything more, you show me Dyan's colourful potions! Thank you Anneliese. So pleased I've found you.



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