Friday, 27 August 2010

Vintage printers tray with curiosities ...

Did my husband want a vintage printers tray filled with curiosities for his birthday ? I have no idea, But yesterday he got one that I had made him. Here it is :

I got the tray from Artist Trading Post, (I don't believe that they are on the website because of the carriage .. but if your willing to pay a carriage charge then I'm sure Jamie would post one out to you .. give him a ring :o) )
I filled it with all sorts of paraphenalia, war medal, 2nd WW bullet casings (rich is into war history) there are some metal detector finds old coins etc, there are old bottles some with their original contents still in them, there are some very old glasses in a little leather case, all kinds of things that we managed to find :) .. and there are still plenty of spaces to add more things too.
I papered the backgrounds, each individual piece was cut out then inked with walnut distress ink, all the items (if more valuable & might want to get them out again are stuck in with glue dots, and the no value stuff is adhered with Glossy accents.

Then just before Rich's birthday we had been away in Spain for 12 days ... I took an art journal with me to play in, I tried to do the backgrounds before we went & took just one small folder of images, 1 gluestick & my art journalling pens to finish off the pages.
Here are some of them so far ...


  1. Anneliese ... that printers tray is exquisite ... must have taken a while ... but well worth it ... Happt Belated Birthday to Rich ... and as always your journalling is yummy! Hope you had a good holiday X

  2. I would be so THRILLED if that printer tray was a gift to me ... what a wonderful present! Loving your journal pages - I'm cross with myself because I've just made ANOTHER one I don't like!

  3. Love the printers tray, I am sure he loved it. Your journal pages are wonderful.

  4. What a fantastic printers tray and what a wonderful birthday gift. Must have taken you ages but so worth it, I would treasure it. So nice that you have put so much thought into a gift. Love your journal pages too. You have been busy LOL. Have a lovely evening, Tracy Evans x

  5. These are all gorgeous Annelise

  6. Great printers tray, I've been working on one for 4 months and its still not finished! Love the colours on your pages especially the last one.

  7. Love that printers tray, I've wanted to later one for ages but have nowhere to put it when its finished. gorgeous journal pages too

  8. that tray is FAB!!! I have a blank one here that i keep looking at! I MUST start it!

    Those journal pages are gorgeous! I have no idea where to start with them--wish i lived closer so i could get to a class!!!!!!

  9. What a wonderful gift- hope it was appreciated for the love that went into it as well as how it looked- FABULOUS! I clicked on it to get a closeup- it didn't disappoint! I also loved your journal pages, esp the last one! Nice work! and thanks for sharing! You have a new follower!


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