Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Metal Art & Workshop

Well I shall try this post again .. I first wrote it & added all the pictures on friday last week, it took ages with my daft computer playing up & then as I went to post it Blogger decided it wasn't playing & lost the lot ! ... I didn't have the time (or the inclination to be honest) to do it again then so here I am today to try & repost it all ... let's hope my computers playing today !

I had been busy last week playing with metal art & this is the little house that I altered :

And then we had a fabulous group of girls at my workshop last Thursday(Distress Ink Workshop) I taught them all 17 ways to use their distress inks & they all did a fab job of keeping up with it all :D

There are a few random photo's of this below:

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Distress inks workshop

Got some lovely prep work to do for the distress inks workshop tomorrow. 17 different ways to use them, should be lot's of fun and definately a messy fingers job lol :) Got some old & some new faces coming along .. Can't wait to see them all :D
(still on a new computer hunt .. Sighhh)
will do my best to get some workshop pictures up for you on Friday x

Monday, 19 October 2009

An apology for not being around much recently .. I have been busy working on all sorts of things but unfortunately my computer is going SO SLOOOOOOW that it's driving me up the wall !!! ..(it will be chucked out of my studio window very soon !!) .. I am in the process of hunting down a new computer so I can get back on line properly ... I do have a laptop but that doesn't have ny cameras, photoshop etc on it so I shall just have to hang on until I get a new puter .. so take care, back soon x

Monday, 12 October 2009

All Change !

Well it's that time of year again ! ... time for a change ..first the blog & now my hair (I know it's not scrapping but hey it's def' a work of art by my hairstylist lol )
I've gone from dark brown to light blonde & I love it .. haven't been this blonde for a loooong time, even my husband didn't recognise me, but now jokes that it's like having a new model after 20 years together :D
Not sure how long it's staying but at the moment I absolutely love it :)
Here's a piccy of before

Followed by the NOW :

Friday, 2 October 2009

More ATC's

Well I did what I set out to do yesterday & completed some more ATC's for trading at the Artisan show on Sunday ! Can't wait for that :)
Just a reminder that we have a Distress Ink techniques workshop coming up .. & I believe there are a couple of spaces left at the moment, You will learn over 17 different ways to use your distress inks ! should be a lot of fun :)
Novemeber see's a new Metal Art for beginners workshop & December has the great 12 tags of christmas workshop, all the dates are on the website :http://www.artisttradingpost.com/workshops-69-c.asp
If you copy & paste, that will take you straight there !
Now for some pictures, there are the ATC's , a couple of Christmas cards & a piece of jewellery I've made using Utee to make the beads & shrink plastic charms ready for a workshop later on in the calender !
thanks for looking :)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

A new look Blog

I've tried a couple of different looks on my blog over the past few days, but I think i've finally settled on this one (for now at least lol)
If you want a new look to your blog there is a link on the top left hand corner that you can click on.
Busy getting some more ATC backgrounds painted & inked at the moment for the Artisan show on Sunday, as I have a crop tonight & was thinking I would be able to finish them off there.
I will upload some photo's when I've got them finished.
I'm also busy working on some christmas cards for a workshop at the end of this month.
Catch up soon