Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Metal Art & Workshop

Well I shall try this post again .. I first wrote it & added all the pictures on friday last week, it took ages with my daft computer playing up & then as I went to post it Blogger decided it wasn't playing & lost the lot ! ... I didn't have the time (or the inclination to be honest) to do it again then so here I am today to try & repost it all ... let's hope my computers playing today !

I had been busy last week playing with metal art & this is the little house that I altered :

And then we had a fabulous group of girls at my workshop last Thursday(Distress Ink Workshop) I taught them all 17 ways to use their distress inks & they all did a fab job of keeping up with it all :D

There are a few random photo's of this below:


  1. Love that roof ...the ladies are deep in concentration but you can see they are having fun

  2. I can also see just how much I needed to have my roots done!! :D


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