Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What a lovely surprise !

I got a message telling me to check out a friends blog as she had something for me ! ... well this is it :

The lovely Angie has given this award to me .. Thank you Angie .. I love it :D
You can find Angies Blog here :

I'm not sure who to pass this award on to .. the rules state " By accepting this award you agree to display this award proudly on your site and include a post link back to the giver.
Share this award with a few other people or as many as you would like."

there are so many worthy blogs out there, so for now I'll award it to a couple of my favourites.
there are the most fantastic Lo's on this blog well worth a visit !!!
& this one because it is just brimming with inspiration & ideas it & am so glad you share it with us :)

I know there's Lot's more I could give it to, but it could turn into a rendition of the Oscars lol :) so perhaps I won't !

I shall be posting on here again tomorrow hopefully, It is the school play tonight & I hope to get some photo's of my Giraffe masks, face painting & flying birds that I've been busy with , I also have completed my Chunky fat book pages so I will photograph them too & get them on here, I've made some lovely metal flowers which I shall post up as a class too ...
Then over the weekend I will hopefully be packing up everyones fat books to return home again :)

keep well x


  1. Wow!! What a surprise Annelise and thankyou so much!! It is such a pretty award and an honour to have come from someone as talented as you!!

    I shall do my best to "pay it forward" and "backward" lol!

    I just love the crafting community it is always so full of surprises and kind, generous people.

  2. Would love to see your masks.

  3. Found your blog via Ruth, Altered Geisha, and yes, she was right, lovely work. Look forward to following your blog.
    Sue x


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