Monday, 11 October 2010

Art Journals & Canvas's

So many things started .. A LOT to finish lol :D ... still that's how I like it.
I have lot's of journal pages ready to do something with, so here they are in their unfinished / only just started state ...

Then there is a selection of Canvas's that I'm in the middle of working on :

And then there is this mountboard canvas that I painted first and then used encaustic wax on to finish it (yes I did say Finish !) lol :D

I will be sure to post pictures as & when each project is completed !
thanks for stopping by x


  1. Oh these backgrounds make me want to get my pens out and write all over them!! Delicious.

  2. Wow, fabulous colours, you haven't made any that I don't love to bits! They are all gorgeous:0) xxx

  3. You're not on your own with lots of journal pages waiting to have something done. I started a small book last week... I have 40 pages painted and waiting for the next stage, erm, not to mention the 10 I did in my mid-sized journal. It keeps us out of trouble!

  4. Beautiful work! Especially like the page with the fairy on, I like the muted colours of the background. Looks like you are going to be very busy!

  5. oh how beautiful are all your started pages...they fill me with ideas and make me really, really want to play...

    and as for encaustic art...oh how i used to love that...i papered my entired caravan with encaustic artwork when i was a teenager!! i'm going to get it out and relive the fun tomorrow!

  6. Super backgrounds, love the second pic
    Until next time, have a great week
    mandi xx

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Those journal pages are looking very interesting.

  8. OMG those are wonderfully beautiful or is it amazingly are inspiring me to get back to crafting soon as I unearth my desk. I so need to catch up with everyones blogs much goes on in a couple of


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