Monday, 13 December 2010

The 12 tags of Christmas workshop ...

Well, what can I say, I had the most lovely group of ladies to this workshop, we got creative,we got messy, we laughed, we even had a bit of christmas singing from some quarters lol :D Most of all we had 2 full days of FUN ... thanks girls you were all stars xx
Here are some of the pictures from the weekend ...

This is Friday afternoon, table all set up, kit bags out ..all ready to go

on this picture we have from front to back Sharon, June, Kate, June and Glynis ...

On this picture we have left to right .. Lynda, Chris, Bernice, Miriam and Carole.

and this is how the table was looking at the end of the first day ....

So, day 2 and this is Sharon and June with Kate lurking in the background :o)

This is Lynda & Chris ... busy working hard :o)

Can you tell we're on Tag 12 by this point ? lol ...

And here are my original 12 Tags of Christmas that we worked from ...

Thanks to everyone who came and took part, I had a blast, hope you did too :o)x


  1. Oooh that looks great fun :D
    Thats what my table looks like after one tag LOL :D
    Julie xx

  2. It was a blast Anneliese!! Linda and I really enjoyed it! We were so well looked after, but you must be exhausted now! Can't wait for you to organise another weekend class in the new year! Especially, an Art Journaling one!! You are a great teacher. Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you all! Chris xx

  3. wow that table looked messy by the end, so I guess everyone had the greatest of fun playing

  4. Wish I was nearer so I could go! You all look as tho you're loving every minute and those tags are lovely.

  5. Amazing tags. :)
    They look beautiful all together. Wishing you a Happy Christmas & that I lived closer to your classes!!
    Best wishes, Gez.xx


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