Friday, 15 April 2011

A Royal invite anyone ?

I've been playing again, (I think it was in preference to sorting out this mess of a studio again!) I've been trying out my New & shiny (well not so shiny now as I don't really clean my stamps, as my workshopees will tell you) London and circus stamps again ... The photo's could be better, but I have to admit to being a lazy bum, after one trip from the top of the house to the bottom & back up just to get the camera I couldn't be bothered to go back down again to get a different lense, so I'm afraid these are taken with my macro lense, which would have been fine had I bothered to go & get my Tripod too ! ... so I held the camera as still as I could, but I swear even breathing makes a difference & I didn't really want to stop doing that,I'm not quite that lazy :o)
anyways without further ado ...
Anyone thinking of having a get together for the Royal wedding, these stamps are perfect for the occasion ...

And how about easy options for the men in your life, we all know how hard men are to make cards for, and the sporty themes do tend to wear a bit thin how about these for the patriotic amongst you :D
promise I'll get my proper lense sorted for next time ... see you soon x

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