Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Been playing in my art journal ...

Yep, I've actually found some me time & have been playing, these pages were totally inspired by Christy Tomlinson's blog Here, the post is about 1/2 way down, but it's a beautiful blog well worth a look, so go enjoy !
I couldn't resist having a go, then Saskia my daughter came up into the studio & has started a canvas so that she too can have a go with this very effective technique.
Here's the pictures, no journaling has yet touched the page, but I'm not sure that it will either. The Live life was done using Rangers Adirondack dimensional pearls, it wrote really well, can see me using this again too ! You can get these from
Artist Trading Post
anyways.. enough talk, here's the pictures :

thanks for stopping by :o) x


  1. cool page, love the dimension :O)

  2. Love the rolled paper ...but what happens when you shut the journal? had always worried me that such a beautiful piece could be damaged.

  3. Gorgeous - such lovely texture and those muted colours really glow ....

  4. It's always lovely what you make...I always like it....and I always want to try it for myself..and hope that I am able to do a workshop with you Thanks for sharing Jolande

  5. Hey Angie, nice to see you here :D x The journal is quite a fat journal anyway with all it's pockets and tags etc, but the paper rolls are quite robust & it really doesn't matter if they flatten down a bit ..


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