Thursday, 22 March 2012

Abandoned but NOT Forgotten !!

Ok, I know I seem to start all my blog posts with an apology about not having been on here .. but really truely I have a good excuse this time :D I'm busy being Director for a new business we(me & DH) are opening. It really is all hands on deck, so have been just a little pre-occupied employing staff, decorating the shop and office, readying the other parts, getting involved in ordering stock ... will hopefully be getting my crane lift license soon too lol :D .. sorry as you're probably gathering it's a long way from Arty crafty things ! .. a builders and landscape merchants is the order of the day. We've been really lucky and have found ourselves some fantastic staff who are helping us set up, so I will be back on here hopefully with some regularity soon ! .. I have a workshop on Saturday, we shall be scrapping all day .. I am looking forward to that ! will try & post some of the photo's from that, I will also try and post pics from the UTEE workshop a couple of weeks ago, particularly of the wonderful present one of my brilliant ladies made me :D
Catch you all soon xx

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  1. I wish you all the luck in the world with your new venture ...a touch removed from crafting ...or is it ? xx


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