Monday, 6 October 2008

Well we're into October already ! I have made a start on the Christmas shopping & all is well in my world :)
I have been playing with Utee again .. I have done the microscope slides though a bit more practise may be required lol .. but I was quite pleased with them for my 1st attempts .. they will make great embellishments on the front of board books etc as well as being unique pieces of jewellery or card toppers ..infact with so many potential uses I'd better get making some more :D ... (Any excuse !)
I've submitted a LO to a magazine for their readers gallery .. see if they like it, I've never tried to submit anything like that before ! still I won't hold my breath blue really doesn't suit me.
I'm also supposed to be getting some work done & adding more classes to the workshop schedule so between that & housework (booo) that's my day sorted i suppose .. oh well catch you soon


  1. Good luck on your submitted item oh and the xmas shopping , like your blog prob because its a lot different than mine x

  2. Love the memory glass item - I need to get started on mine.
    From another in Derbyshire lol.


    Vron xx


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