Friday, 17 September 2010

Mini Paper your Nuts class :o)

Well it says it all in the title lol .. a paper your nuts mini class :D
This is something that myself & Linda Elbourne saw in America when we went to Ranger U together, they were in the craft store Micheals & were quite expensive so me & Linda decided they were something that we could definately reproduce at very little expense back home!

So start off by either going to your local hardware store (or your other halfs garden shed or garage .. wherever he keeps his stash lol) and grab yourself a handful of these babies :o)

Then you need to tear up some bits of an old book, or some newspaper. (really small pieces are good here)

Using glossy accents randomly stick on the pieces of paper to the nuts

Then using some distress ink (I used walnut stain) rub a little onto the paper using some cut'n'dry foam & voila you should have some papered nuts :D .. excellent embellishments for book rings or as charms on the ends of fibre ... on a blokey card on a wire .. anything, anywhere .. hope you have fun :D (you can also do this to metal washers too)


  1. They look fab ... just like the ones in store :0)

  2. What a great idea, love it. Off to B&Q right now.... well, after dinner maybe.

  3. Wow this is such a fab idea and something i cannot wait to try, thanks for the tipx

  4. Neat idea I will have to try this one. I use them in my artwork but have never covered them with paper. THANKS. Tracy Evans x

  5. What a GREAT idea! Love it! I'm for sure going to hunt for some stuff in the hardware store to alter! I'm just wondering how heavy this is going to be! Patsy from

  6. I keep thinking I must go and look at the B&Q hardware section and now you've proved it.

  7. Wow these look fabby :D
    I might have to play with this idea :D
    Julie xx


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