Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A fine time was had by all ....

So, the mini Holtz Holiday has been & gone, we spent all day Saturday & Sunday playing with a bountiful stash of Ranger & Tim Holtz Products, we made a book housing 9 tags and also a mini Holtz Tag book ... so we were busy busy busy, but everyone kept up admirably & produced some beautiful works of artfulness !
So Thank you to Sharon, Sarah, Matt, Halina, Alex, Linda, Sandy, Bernice, Pam & June for making the weekend so much fun x

There's going to be Gazillions of photo's (just warning you) Hope you enjoy :o)
This is the finished project :

The calm before the storm. Saturday 9:30am

1st tag underway :

Taking shape:

A special visitor:

Day 2 : back to work ...

Alex (age 13 !) Mini Tag book

Matt: taking me taking him ...

Sandy & Linda :

Halina & Alex :

Pam & Bernice :

Sarah & Matt :

Sharon, June & Pam :

End of Day 2 ... has anyone seen the ... Arrgghhhh !!!!!!!!!! :o)

A quick snoop round the table :

Think you'll agree that they made some beautiful tags & pages ...
Thanks for stopping by x


  1. I so wish I'd been there. Thanks for sharing the photos, I love all the creations.

  2. oooooooo that alllooks like great fun :D
    Lovely work everyone :D
    Julie xx

  3. Hello Anneliese,
    What a wonderful workshop...I want also a new workshop from you...going to arrange it..I come to GB ..don't no when but....I am coming that's for sure. Have a great day Jolande

  4. Wonderful project and photos, thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh how wonderful, I've got tag and weekend envy!! Thank you for sharing so many inspirational pictures.

  6. Wow what a great blog, makes mine look a bit amateur! I really like those designs you have made. Some are extremely creative. Please take a look at my blog too if you get the chance.


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