Monday, 3 October 2011

See what you think ...

So, I've just changed the look of my website, question is do you prefer it ? or if you've not visited before do you like it ? Is it easy to navigate ? Let me know what you think ...Click here for Creative Journey Workshops


  1. Hi Anneliese
    Just had a look at the new website, but I'm not sure that the background is 'you'. You are so much more vibrant and colourful than grey. It also feels like the section on the left is perhaps a tiny bit too wide as it shoves everything else to the right so you have to scroll across to read the text properly. Don't want to seem critical, but hope that the comments may be of use. Navigating round the site was straightforward
    Best wishes

  2. I love the colours and pictures - it stands out from other blogs when you flick onto it. Just lovely.

    The great thing about blogs though is that you can mess about with them so easily when you get bored of it!! :)

    Marie x


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