Thursday, 24 November 2011

Stupid busy ....

Totally & utterly stupid busy ... yes I know it's not good english, but I don't care on this occasion, it says exactly what I mean :D Soo many things on the go, two deadlines to get done in the next week, stuff in the middle of being made for folksy, workshop stuff ... nevermind Christmas, I haven't got time for that yet ! But for those of you that have you might want to stop by my folksy shop and see the new bits I've just listed .. here's a quick sneak peek :
Find my folksy shop Here


  1. Your work is very successful. The color, picture and the whole design. Just a poem !
    I`m excited.

  2. I'm sold...just bought them both! Luurve them...

  3. Who cares about English! Both of these are so pretty.

  4. LOL :D Sarah ... they're in the post today to you :D xx thank you

  5. And here they are in front of me in my own hand...they are scrumptiously wonderful. Love them...beautiful colours and designs full of detail. Thank you - Girl here is happy...!


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