Monday, 19 April 2010

Alcohol Ink Techniques workshop

Well another workshop has come & gone, this time it was the Alcohol Ink techniques workshop ... We had plenty of laughs & fun, here they are in action :

And last but not least .. Bernice & Ally (these are pretty much residential workshopees ... if there were bunks or hammocks they would just stay :D lol )

Tomorrow I shall post some more Art Journal pages that I've done recently, There will be more workshops added to the website this week too .. so keep your eyes peeled !
take care x


  1. I'm thinking of bringing my sleeping bag and pillow next time! hee hee. Please could you email me a copy of the last photo.

  2. Now I hadn't thought of Jamie building some bunks in there - fab idea! :)
    (ps. pls could I have a copy of photo too!!!)


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