Monday, 12 April 2010

Creative Scrapbooking workshop

I was asked to do a private workshop for a group of ladies who were staying nearby for a weekend retreat .. they asked me to do a shortened version of the Creative scrapbooking workshop that I run. We did 3 layouts in 3 hours & they all made lovely pages to take home.
Bernice was my link to the group as she is a regular attendee of my workshops :D .. Thanks Bernice :) you bought along a lovely group of ladies & here they are in action :

This is Karolyn & Carolyn

Here we have Bernice, Sue & Sue
they made it as easy as possible for me to remember their names !

(caught Sue with her purchases here lol :D )

Hope you ladies had a fab rest of the weekend, having been let in on the secret already I'm sure you did !!!

Here are a couple of tags I did the other night when playing around with some more new downloads from Artchix Studio :

Have fun x

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  1. I had a wonderful time thank you. It was a great start to our weekend as well as an inspiring class in itself. I now want to sit and read all the way through your blog and play with the tutorials.


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