Thursday, 29 April 2010

A big catch up !

Sorry I've not been around, I have to steel myself to use the computer as it is not working properly & is SO Slooowwwww ! ..driving me insane , the sooner I get a new one the better !
But on with the post ! .. Had a fantastic day yesterday on our distress ink techniques workshop ..we've managed to eek the numbers from 17 techniques to 20 & then we managed to pull another one out of the bag whilst we were worksing so we're now up to 21 (plus there's a couple of others I didn't put in ... so if you didn't know your inks could be sooo very versatile you need to come to one of our workshops lol :D
Here are the guys & girls in action :

Left to right : Meryll, Annette, Anne & Sian

And here we have (Right to left) Kim, Julie, Gill & Sheila

Here they all are again ...

And on this one see if you can spot the interloper !!! lol :D

Yep you guessed it, Sharon had the afternoon off & as Merryl had to go early Sharon snuck in to play :D

A couple of days previous I'd finally got around to tidying my desk ... & I thought I'd share this mini miracle with you :o)

& of course there is my art journal I haven't been sharing with you recently ... so here's an update :

hmmm got a feeling some of the images are on their sides .. apologies for that
Keep an eye on the website for a whole range of new & exciting workshops coming up !
take care x

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  1. So jealous that you are off to Ranger U. Love the art journal. Something I'd love to get into when I'm feeling a bit braver and have some time


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