Sunday, 20 June 2010

Graduation Day at Ranger U !

Can you believe it's the last day already ? ..It has gone so fast, which although we knew it would, it still has to be said !
Last night I was too tired to tell you much so i just posted the photo's to make sure you had something to see incase i didn't get up early enough, But no here I am :o)
Happy Fathers day to all those Dads out there ... especially My BRILLIANT DAD & my BRILLIANT HUSBAND xx Love you both lot's x
Goodness, it's warm in here again had to just the air-con back on I'm melting(I keep switching it off because i don't like the constant noise lol )
Anyway Back to the Ranger U story, So yesterday was Claudine & her paints

I have just pinched this photo from Linda's page because I liked it :D, Hope you don't mind Linda ;o)
The Afternoon was spent doing Distress with the King of distress himself ...
Today we have Tim again all day & we're going to be doing everything 'Adirondack'the inks, the colourwashes (love them) The Dabbers, Alcohol inks ... Tim told us yesterday that we would be making 31 tags today .. so we're in for some fun !
I'll post again later .. Have a great Fathers Day whatever your doing
Take care

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  1. ooo, feel a workshop coming on! I just bought myself 3 Adirondack dye ink pads whilst in Florida - they had 40% off plus a futher 10% for me being over 55!!! ( A new thing at Michaels on Tuesdays) SO glad you're having such a great time


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