Wednesday, 16 June 2010

TAG'S 2 & 1 in the 10 TAG COUNTDOWN

Hello :o)
Oh my , how excited are we getting ??? I leave at 1/4 to 6 in the morning to head to the Airport, Linda & I are flying from Birmingham at 9 am .... straight through to Newark Liberty Airport. Woohooo !
So as I am leaving early tomorrow I thought I'd better put tag no.1 on as well today :o)
I will be face-booking & blogging as & when I can .. sometimes you might only get a picture & a sentence but I will do my best :D
will be very busy 'playing' actually I think we'll be working very hard & learning an awful lot, I could do with an external hard drive that you just plug in like you do on your computer .. I might have a brain melt down lol :D
I have just finished packing my case !
Anyhow enough, here is Tag no.2 in the countdown :

For this one I did a colour wash background using Stream, cranberry, Butterscotch & Lettuce. I stamped some Timmy stamps & Made some UTEE stars, I used Black UTEE, added a little ordinary silver embossing powder & poured it into a star shaped cookie cutter. On one of them I added some beadazzles whilst the UTEE was still hot.
I added a 7 Gypsies Nottinghill Paper clip for my number 2 & added some timmy stamped stars with perfect medium & then added some perfect pearls to finish.

Tag No 1 :

So this time I've done a Claudine Tag ... I used a selection (in truth nearly all) of the colours of her Studio Line Paints to create the background, I added a little red & gold interference paint, collaged (artchix & Flickr free collage sheets) Salvage stickers No.1, & doodled happily on it.

Now Linda was up & about early this morning so you can view her tag Here
Thanks for following our 10 tag countdown & those of you who did for taking part ! Look out for the first Ranger U installment x


  1. I've really enjoyed your tag countdown with Linda. I'm relying on you to keep Linda under control when she meets all her idols...although I guess that you will probably be just as giddy as she is. Just promise me that you will stop her from coming home with a tattoo that says "I've been to Ranger U". Have a fabulous time, can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.


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  3. These are tagilicious ... see you in the morning X

  4. Two more great tags. Tag 1 is my very favourite one of all! Well done for completing your challenge.
    Have a FAB, FAB,FAB weekend!!

  5. Have tonnes and tonnes of fun darlin and let us know how much fun you had! xx


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