Thursday, 17 June 2010

We have arrived !!!!

Well after nearly missing our flights (too busy talking) ... we finally touched down 1/2 an hour earlier than expected though I don't think the pilot had ever landed a plane before ... The lady across the aisle from me had her head in a sick bag was shall we say a little 'bumpy' ... saves me going to alton towers for a thrill ride though ! .. Me & linda have retreated to our rooms to freshen up after the 7-8 hour flight & hour taxi ride ... Then we're off to check out the locality :o) .. will get some pictures up later speak soon x


  1. Glad you made it there.....even if it was an eventful journey. Go across the road and have an apple sangria (not sure if that's how you spell it) in Applebees...that will fix you up. Leandra and both higly recommend those!!!

    Have a fab time tomorrow, Lin

  2. That will have been me flying the plane you see...still a novice ROFL..have the BEST time... both of you x


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