Monday, 28 June 2010

Tomorrow is Art Journalling Workshop day ... HURRAH !

Looking forward very much to tomorrow's workshop, Inky, painty, colour-washed fingers all round !
Got lot's of background techniques, Journalling Prompts, collaging and image transfers lined up for my lovely ladies :D going to be LOT's of FUN !!!
Infact as we speak my hands are covered in paint, the computer keyboard has some nice greeny blue hues on it lol :o)
Had so little time since getting home from Ranger to do anything, I originally had it planned that I would have a quiet restful week when I got home ... YEAH right .. Tuesday 9am arrive home. Tuesday afternoon rounders umpire for a school tournament, wednesday well that was school sports day, Thursday was shopping in preparation for the school Summer fair, Friday was getting ready at school for the fair (all day) ... friday night was the actual Fair .. amazing we raised over £3000 in the space of a couple of hours, this is our local village primary school with just 108 pupils, so I think that was Fabtastic going ! So was worth all the effort put in by everybody to get it organised !. Saturday was a blur of sleep, a pirate party fro Brody my youngest, and going out on saturday night (first time in a long time !) Yesterday was playing the organ at a local little chapel in the morning followed by a BBQ and watching England ( I would say playing football but they didn't so I won't)
So here we are and already it's nearly a week since myself & Linda were heading home ... just where did it go ? Anyhow, Here is a quick peek at one of my recent art journal pages x


  1. Stunning journal page. Hope your class tomorrow is great- I'm sure they will all love it.

  2. Love this page ...keep staring at it ...trying to work out how you put this amazing creation together.xx


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